About me - Dana Ingesson

A few words about my background and my passion to paint!

Dana Ingesson - the artist

I was born and raised in the Czech Republic where for several years I lived in Prague, the world’s most beautiful city. Later on, the wings of love brought me to Sweden and I am currently living in the small but scenic little town of  Tidaholm.

Painting has always been my big interest. However, my painting has only resumed in recent years. Today, I devote a great part of my time to painting and I have regular exhibitions, both locally and internationally. For example, I participate in the annual arts fair as well as judged exhibitions in Sweden, Louvren Paris, Monaco, Cannes, India, Denmark, USA, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Spain.

When using aquarelle,acrylic and oil painting techniques, I forget both time and space. I see my art as my story, with colours and shapes being my words. When painting, I use all my senses: my intellect, emotions, intuition and the so called “reptile sense”.

Oil painting and aquarelle painting with palette knives are methods that I have picked up in recent times. These techniques suit my temperament very well. I can be impulsive but firm!

My motives are often abstract and I find it exciting watching an artwork during its process, with layer on layer, colour on colour coming together as a beautiful piece of art. To allow the true inner me to come out in a free way when painting is an amazing feeling, with pure joy for creativity.

Last but not least, I want my visitors to make their own interpretations of my art. I want them to feel the art being the mystery of life, a soul’s journey in pictures.