About me - Dana Ingesson
A few words about my background and my passion to paint!

Dana Ingesson - the artist

I was born and raised in the Czech Republic where for several years I lived in Prague, the world’s most beautiful city. Later on, the wings of love brought me to Sweden and I am currently living in the small but scenic little town of  Tidaholm.

Painting has always been my big interest. However, my painting has only resumed in recent years. Today, I devote a great part of my time to painting and I have regular exhibitions, both locally and internationally. For example, I participate in the annual arts fair ”Konstrundan” in the nearby town Hjo as well as judged exhibitions in Sweden, Louvren Paris, Monaco, Cannes , India, Italy, Germany, Spain, New York/USA and Denmark.

When using aquarelle and oil painting techniques, I forget both time and space. I see my art as my story, with colours and shapes being my words. When painting, I use all my senses: my intellect, emotions, intuition and the so called “reptile sense”.

Oil painting and aquarelle painting with palette knives are methods that I have picked up in recent times. These techniques suit my temperament very well. I can be impulsive but firm!

My motives are often abstract and I find it exciting watching an artwork during its process, with layer on layer, colour on colour coming together as a beautiful piece of art. To allow the true inner me to come out in a free way when painting is an amazing feeling, with pure joy for creativity.

Last but not least, I want my visitors to make their own interpretations of my art. I want them to feel the art being the mystery of life, a soul’s journey in pictures.