Welcome to Dana Ingesson

An artist from Tidaholm, Sweden

Here you can read about my work as an artist, look at my pictures in the gallery and get information about upcoming exhibitions.
As an artist, I carry many images within me.  I love to paint aquarelle but even in oil in my studio in Tidaholm, Sweden. The aim of my artwork  is to create a dialogue with the one who looks at it . My artwork is an expression of my emotions, experiences and lessons learned.

Galleri Lloyd Tabing presents Dana Ingesson

Aril 3-17
Info about new date coming soon
Artis Opening Saturday April 4, 11 am - 8 pm

Semi-Finalist Artbox.Project Barcelona,

I am very happy and proud.

Selected artist Fabriano 2020,
I am very happy and proud.
Thank you Circle Foundation for the Art for this Award,
I received this distinction for my artwork "Caresses of the Winds"
amongst so many talented artist, I am very happy and proud.

Achieved Awards

- Circle Foundation for the Art
Honorable Mention Award 2019

- Prize of the jury
Artistes du Monde Cannes 2016

- Golden Apple The night of art 2016

- Citizen of the year in Tidaholm 2016


- Permanent membership of
Artistes Du Monde Cannes
- Svenska konstnärer / SvK
- Svenska konstnärsförbundet / Swedish Association of Artists
- Konstkvarteret
- Bildupphovsrätt