Welcome to Dana Ingesson

An artist from Tidaholm, Sweden

Here you can read about my work as an artist, look at my pictures in the gallery and get information about upcoming exhibitions.
As an artist, I carry many images within me.  I love to paint aquarelle but even in oil and acrylic in my studio in Tidaholm, Sweden. 
"I see my art as my story, with colors and shapes being my words."

Dana Ingesson’s paintings are an expression of her feelings, life experiences, and emotional maturation. Working primarily in watercolor, Ingesson creates dreamy compositions that blend the figurative and the abstracted.
Ingesson’s choice of color palette and gestural brush strokes begin a conversation with her audience; drawing from her intellect, emotion, and intuition, Ingesson wants to inspire the viewer to acknowledge and engage with their own beliefs, emotions, and subconscious.
Ingesson was born in the Czech Republic and currently lives in Tidaholm, Sweden. She has exhibited all over the world, including in France (Louvre Paris and Cannes), Monaco, India, Germany, Sweden, Italy, USA, Spain, Switzerland, South Korea, Egypten, Qatar and Denmark.
Ingesson has been honored with difference awards.

International Watercolour Masters 2024

My artwork "Crescendo of autumn" is a Top 200 Winner at the annual contest Internatioal Watercolour Masters 2024.
Humbled and honored to be placed amongst the Top 200 out of 2755 contestans participaiting from 105 countries at the world´s greatest International Watercolour Art Contest Globally titled IWM 2024 to held at Lilleshal, England in May 2024.
A big thank you to the 24 jury members and to David Proxon for organising this wonderful event.

Trevisan International Art, Italy

Represented by Trevisan International Art
I feel very proud, honored, overwhelmed, grateful  and very happy to be represented by Trevisan International Art, Bologna, Italy.
Thank you Paola Trevisan, Art Curator & Dealer for this fantastic opportunity to be part of two amazing exhibitions curatored and organised with such briliant professionality , edition of Little Treasure 2022 and Assonanze 2023.
Thank you Paola for this honor and acknowledgement, I am endless grateful that you bringig me together with all international artist. 

The recognition to get Award of Excellence, Little Treasures 2022 belongs to the greatest experiences on my artistic journey.
Trevisan International Art


Live concert in New York

When artist meets artist... when the soul is touched by the image the the magic happens and new art is born...
From live concert in New York, performance of piano composition to my artwork 'When winds wwhisper your name' of Margin Alexander the composer". This is a blessing and I am grateful and humbled to experience these performing.

World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs

Proud and honoured to become a member of Zervas Art Clubs
Dana Ingesson   Presidency based in Gothenburg Sweden

Achieved Awards

- IWM Master 2024, Top 200 Watercolour Artists, Merit Award out of 2755 entrants in the International Watercolour Masters competion 2024
  - Selected Artist in Curated Collection of the Worlds Most Exiting Artist in Artfolio 2022
- Trevisan International Art Award of Exellence
Little Treasures 2022
  - Selected Artist for representtion  of Nordic Countries Fabriano in Acquarello 2022

- IWM  Master 2022, Top 200 Watercolour Artists, Merit Award out of 3725 entrants in the International Watercolour Masters competion 2022
- International Art Contest winner,  Incheon Metropolitan City
South Korea. October 2021
-Selected Artist in Ulm, Germany  ECWS, represented
 Nordic Countries 2021
- Awarded Finalist Certificate of ARTAVITA Online Art Contest May 2021
- Semifinal in ArtBox Projecct, Barcelona 2020

- Selected Artist for representation of Nordic Countries Fabriano in Acquarello 2020/2021​​​​​​​
- Circle Foundation for the Art
Honorable Mention Award 2019
- Prize of the jury
Artistes du Monde Cannes 2016
- Golden Apple The night of art 2016
- Citizen of the year in Tidaholm 2016


- Nordiska Akvarellsällskapet
  - Permanent membership of

Artistes Du Monde Cannes
- Svenska konstnärer / SvK
- Svenska konstnärsförbundet / Swedish Association of Artists
- Konstkvarteret
- Bildupphovsrätt