Art critics 

This has been told about me and my artworks

Stig Åke Stålnacke:

"This text springs from a state which I would describe as a rush of joy. It is true, yes indeed true, that I sit down by my type-writer to review a number of artworks that make me happy. Yes, TRULY HAPPY! The images, the artworks, catch me with their delicacy and tenderness, one that is beyond a lot of what I have seen on my way through the arts. Images as a rush of joy? Yes, truly. Can a few artworks give me these fragile and beautiful impressions? Yes, I believe that these works of art, these images, have exploded from a subtle feeling, sprung from necessity .
The images are infinitely sensitive and beautiful. They can never have sprung or been created from something else but a feeling of euphoria and infinite happiness. Yes, freedom.
It is Dana Ingesson that replies to these pictorial births. It is Dana Ingesson who has found the freedom of the art and soul and hurls or caresses these beautiful paintings. A great part of what is so astonishing with her paintings is the tangible feeling of EASE! I perceive an artist who creates her paintings through caresses. With easy, easy, easy hand she lets her love for painting speak. But yet with an intense flick and behind what I call ease is, of course, a pure and very simple feeling. A feeling that the arts should be the carrier of the most delicate of feelings. Dana Ingesson is a new name to me in the world of the arts. A new name but not a blank paper. I see and perceive great measures of painterly energy in this artistry. Art, not as decoration, no but as a sign of the most fragile senses. A grand painterly offering, rest to tired eyes, and a source of never ending energy.
2014, 31 October Stig Åke Stålnacke Medlem av AICA, Association of Art Critics "

Stig Åke Stålnacke, 2014, 31 October
Member of AICA, Association of Art Critics

Alexandra Konshakova:

"There are no landscapes in Dana Ingesson’s watercolors – only memories of them,  there are no flowers – only their fragrance. Dana seeks to capture a snapshot of her feelings,  watercolors are tinted with the shades of her perception, so the works are made in a single scale. There are no bright southern colors in this world; it is closer to the monochrome landscapes of the north. An attentive viewer can draw up the details by themselves, based on personal experience. However, as long as the image on the sheet is not overwhelmed by details, it can be read in different ways, be changeable, and therefore truly alive."

Alexandra Konshakova Januari 2022
Art critic specialist from the state Hermitage Museum

Critic text by Laura Francesca Di Trapani

"Her making art matches with her own story, where the words are replacedby colors and shapes.Her painting encloses the expression of all senses, it involves the intuition, as well as the emotions, the intelligence and allows her inner part to express itself within her creative process. For Czech naturalized Swedish artist, inner feelings and emotions are the main subjects of her  artistic research. As she self says, she experiences art "as a gift" which allows herto express herself trough the color and different forms without necessarily speaking. Her favourite technique is watercolor, "challenging but with infinite options" as she self says. Trough the softness of color that matches with a definite stroke, the seems to move in a dance where the feelings aim to be expressed and not simply depicted. Her painting tries to push the wiewers to recognize itself and raise voice to its own inner part."